Monday, October 31, 2011

The Mighty Chickpea Cupcake

Coconut flour, millet flour, amaranth flour, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, guar gum..... so many ingredients, so many combinations, so many possible outcomes.

I have experimented with many different flours and techniques. I've tried measuring and weighing. I've tried gums and starches and flours in so many different ways - but one thing always seems to stay the same - the results are never perfectly consistent.

Then, one night many moons ago (probably at least a year ago), I created a cupcake on a whim. I looked in the pantry and didn't have the flours I was most comfortable working with so, I thought, why not try chickpea? And not chickpea flour, but whole chickpeas.

Since then I have been using this recipe as my go-to recipe for birthdays and special occasions. I have turned this recipe into cakes (Including a triple layer black forest cake for my girlfriend Theresa's Bridal Shower), brownies and even, by adding nuts and seeds, into hearty breakfast muffins.

Please try my Chickpea Cupcake recipe, and play around with it any way you choose - and when you do, please share the results!!

The Mighty Chocolate Chickpea Cupcake

2 cups chickpeas, drained and rinsed well
Big splash vanilla
Big splash coffee
5 eggs
2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 cup melted coconut butter
1/4-1/2 honey or agave (more for milk chocolate like cupcakes, less for dark chocolate cupcakes)
1/2 -1/3 cup cocoa (less for milk chocolate like cupcakes, more for dark chocolate cupcakes)
Pinch salt

Put all ingredients in a food processor and blend until perfectly smooth.

Bake at 350 in muffin paper lined muffin tins for 25-45 minutes - depending on the size of the muffins.

Alternatively, you can bake this as a cake in a 9 inch round pan that has been oiled and lightly floured,

Also, I've made this recipe with:

Walnuts and Raisins

Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter Chips


Coconut Flakes and Cinnamon

Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds, and Raisins

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